the ugly truth

Our team have obsessively performed research into how big the plastic problem really is. And as you can imagine, the results were not pretty. Learn more in our stories section.


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People around the world are consuming a credit card’s worth of microplastic every week. 

That’s over 250 grams every year! 

Source: 2019 University of Newcastle for WWF

ocean plastic pollution is just one problem

On average, Australians use 130 kg of plastic per person each year. Only 12% of that’s recycled, rest goes into landfill or the oceans.

Worldwide, more than 350 tons of plastic is produced every year.

the ugly truth





life's a journey

We get it. It’s not easy to change your whole lifestyle. But even the smallest step will take us all in the right direction. If we choose to eliminate just one of the highest impact pollutants, we truly believe we can change the world.

And that’s why we only sell a limited number of products from the 7 highest impact categories. We want to take all the stress out of starting your eco-friendly journey. 

High impact. High quality. Easy Choice.