Onya Reusable Produce Bags / Purple / 5-Pack


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These convenient reusable produce bags from Onya should be your first choice when selecting and carrying your fresh fruit and veggies!

Product Benefits:

  • BPA free, made of rPET (which stands for “recycled P.E.T”) which is a process of recycling BPA Free plastic drink bottles.
  • It is made via a mechanical process not a chemical one and it uses around 30% of the energy it takes to produce virgin Polyester.
  • It also produces less Co2 than the production of conventional Cotton & Polyester:
  • Other uses include: Storing dried fruit, nuts & grains; small laundry bag for delicates; making nut milk; drying herbs.
  • Hand or machine cool wash.

Product Dimensions:

  • Each bag measures 25 x 25cm. See images for more guidance of size and capacity.
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Never use supermarket produce plastics bags again with these handy reusable mesh bags from Onya Life!

They come in a handy little drawstring bag which you can keep with your non-plastic carrier bags – the bag attaches with a carabiner ring clip so you can’t misplace them. Each bright nylon sack is filled with 5 or 8 white mesh bags made from recycled plastic bottles. Simply pull one out, fill with your required produce and put in your trolley; perfect for weighing all your individual fruit and vegetables.

These bags weigh less than 10g per bag so barely register on the scales and the see through design makes it easy for the checkout assistant or yourself to see what you are weighing. When you get home simply stuff them back into the nylon bag and pop back into your shopping bags.



Additional information

Onya Produce Packs

5 pack, 8 pack

Onya Produce Bag Colours

Apple, Chilli, Purple, Turquoise


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