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Here’s why our environmentally sustainable toothbrush is the bomb!

Product Benefits:

  • Plastic free Oral Care
  • Eco Bamboo Toothbrushes are perfect for family or individual use.



Product Features:

  • Each toothbrush in the 4 – pack is marked with a different symbol representing each of the four seasons.
  • If you are an individual – there is one for each season (designed to change every 3 months), and if you are a family you can choose which you like best!

Are bamboo toothbrush bristles biodegradable?

There are currently three types of bristles used in bamboo toothbrushes – Nylon, Boar and Biodegradable Vegan bristles.

Boar (pig) bristles are 100% biodegradable, however they’re often obtained as by-products of the Chinese meat market and can pose serious ethical questions regarding treatment of animals.

Biodegradable vegan bristles are made from derivatives of castor oil. They are 100% biodegradable, however the bristles start breaking down within 10-14 days of use making them poor value for our customers.

Nylon bristles. After much research and sample testing Kappi opted for Nylon bristles for their durability and value. We recommend snapping the head off your old toothbrush when it’s time to change.

How long does each toothbrush last?

Dentists recommend swapping toothbrushes every 2-3 months. After sample testing, we recommend swapping out our bamboo toothbrushes every 3 months. A handy hint to improve the life of your toothbrush is to leave it soaking overnight in a glass of white vinegar every month or so. This freshens the bristles and removes most of the accumulated bacteria.

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One of the main plastic products we all use that we dispose of multiple times over the course of a year is our toothbrush. We absolutely need them to maintain good oral hygiene, but the reality is that they are part of the problem in terms of adding to waste that simply does not benefit the environment.

As people move more and more toward a waste-free life, it is apparent that in some cases you will always have to dispose of domestic items such as the toothbrush. However, a bamboo toothbrush just might be the solution that you are looking for that offers the best of both worlds.

Here at Kappi.com.au, we, like thousands of others, we were horrified at the true scale of the waste epidemic in Australia when ABC aired it on their War on Waste show. Since then we have been working toward living a waste-free life, but the truth is that it became apparent very quickly that the solutions available to the market were either very expensive or were not the kind of things you would want to be seen carrying around.

Bamboo Toothbrush and You

As such, we have developed a range of products that offer incredible functionality while looking very stylish and tick all the boxes in terms of sustainability. Among them, we include an eco bamboo toothbrush set, which is made up of 4 toothbrushes, one for every season.

Some folks might think that 4 toothbrushes are more than they need, however, we specifically package these products in this number because dentists recommend that after 2-3 months of use it is time to switch your toothbrush. Our toothbrushes will last you 3 months at a time, so this way you have your years requirement in one handy pack.

Bamboo is an excellent choice for those who want to do their part for the environment. It is the fastest growing plant on earth and requires no pesticides or fertilisers. What’s more, the handle has been crafted from sustainably sourced bamboo, is biodegradable and can be composted. At Kappi, it is important to us that we not only take great care in terms of how our products are made but also how they reach the end-user.

We believe that if you are going to commit to the waste-free lifestyle and are determined to reduce the carbon footprint of your business or service, then it’s important that you follow through on this mission. So, when we receive orders, these are shipped across Australia and worldwide using Sendle, the carbon neutral delivery service.

Our Bamboo Toothbrushes Come With Satisfaction and Style

At Kappi, we want to exceed the expectations of our customers, and so we try to get the little things right as well. We have first-hand experience ordering sustainable goods only for them to arrive in plastic, which we feel kind of takes the good out of the whole process. So, with this in mind, we use paper-packing tape with biodegradable glue and a paper alternative to bubble wrap when we are sending out your goods so that you can have complete peace of mind about the transaction.

Here at Kappi.com.au, you will find the best bamboo toothbrush Australia has to offer and we promise to get it to you quickly, conveniently and with minimal impact on the environment. We hope our products bring you incredible satisfaction and add a little style to your awesome journey toward a waste-free world.

Using clean lines and simple functionality, Kappi offers a range of lifestyle products; from cotton, eco & vegetable bags to reusable coffee cups & safety razors that look good, feel good, and most importantly, do good.




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