1. Returnr – a company on a mission to ‘stop the waste invaders’

To reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans, which mainly comes from food and drink packaging being dumped into the sea, Returnr provides reusable packaging for food. Known as the ultimate ‘Pack, Empty, Collect, Wash, and Reuse’ company, Return offers groceries and pre-made meals from both boutique and specialty brands.



2. Brighte – making solar power batteries accessible 

Investing in solar power can be expensive but Brighte is on a mission to make this affordable for every homeowner. Since 2015 the company has approved over $500 million in finance and enabled over 1,800 solar and home improvements. They have helped over over 60,000 Aussie households.


Future Super - Ethical super

3. Future Super – an active member of the B Corp Climate Collective

Future Super is an ethical investment firm that helps move your super out of fossil fuels and into proactive climate solutions reducing the carbon footprint of your money.


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4. Happi Earth – zero-waste cleaning

Happi’s main ingredient is soap berry concentrate but it also contains organic bean glycerine and sugarcane ethanol for cleaning power as well as organic eucalyptus and orange essential oils for a gentle, fresh fragrance. And that’s it! No fillers, no chemicals and no added water to bulk it up like other brands will do. Shop Happi Earth from us here!


5. Eco Pads – supporting women’s education

Ecopads Australia is a social enterprise. With every item purchased, you are supporting womens’ and girls’ education, empowerment and environmental projects.

Ecopads hand made cloth pads are made with love and carry a vision to protect the environment, provide education and encourage women empowerment. Shop Ecopads from Be Kind Co here! 


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