Eco-Friendly and Healthy Habits to Do At Home and Outside during Lockdown

For the past year or so, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way that we live from how we work to the way we socialise. Lockdown has brought about many uncertainties and even heightened levels of stress and anxiety for many of us. Thankfully, there are some activities you can do with this extra time at home to keep busy and focus your energy on the positives all while reducing your carbon footprint. So, here are some of our top sustainable tips for staying eco-friendly at home and outside to keep you and the environment happy and healthy during lockdown! 


1. Set a Routine

For those of us working from home, it can be difficult to separate home and work life which can cause extra stress and burnout. Having a routine is a great way to keep a sense of normalcy in your day-to-day life, particularly for those who are working from home. Keeping to a routine can ensure that the time you spend at work and at “home” is clearly broken up.


2. Give Cooking a Go!

With less options to dine out and more time at home, it makes for a perfect time to get creative in the kitchen. Whether you’ve never learnt to cook before or relied mainly on UberEats and takeaway, there are plenty of fantastic and delicious recipes online that you could try while getting the whole family involved. Not only will you be reducing the waste but you’ll also know exactly what is going in your food, making it the healthier option. 


3. Try to Avoid Single Use Plastics

Since the pandemic has started, there has been a huge rise in single-use plastic waste, be it disposable gloves, wipes or takeaway boxes. While these are a necessity for safe hygiene reasons, it is important for us to be mindful of our consumption and reduce our intake where possible. One way we can do this is by investing in reusable goods. If not possible, be sure to dispose of the single-use plastics responsibly. Swap out paper towel rolls for kitchen rags, plastic/paper straws for metal ones, bring your own tote bags and avoid using plastic bags at the supermarket or paper coffee cups for a reusable coffee cup. Some cafes may not accept reusable cups due to safe hygiene practices so be sure to go topless and ask for a takeaway cup without a lid.



4. Invest in Biodegradable Goods

With most people staying indoors due to stay at home orders, we are most certainly consuming more goods at home. Where possible, try to opt for items which are biodegradable like bamboo toothbrushes and compostable bin liners.

5. Get Outside!

The change of season from winter to spring has brought about sunny days and cool nights with jacarandas and wildflowers in bloom. Be sure to enjoy the beauty nature has to offer around us and get outside whether it be to relax at your local park, enjoying a bushwalking track or coastal walk. Exercising outside and getting your body moving is a great way to keep healthy and clear your mind. 


6. Stay Hydrated!

Lockdown has brought about added stress and pressure to our daily lives so it’s vital to implement healthy habits like staying hydrated. Be Kind Co. has a great range of reusable water bottles to suit your needs. One of our favourites is the Joco Bottle which keeps water cooler for longer in the summer heat.


7. Spring Clean Your Home

There is nothing like using all this extra time at home to do some decluttering. You never know what you may find and rediscover old items lying around in your home. It is a great way to find items to sell, donate, recycle or repurpose into something else. Keep an eye out for our blog on how to reuse and repurpose preloved items and turn them into fun crafty projects for kids and adults alike.


8. Grow your own herbs or vegetables!

Guess what! You don’t need a green thumb to start growing your own produce. Whether you have a garden or just a window ledge, give it a go! Seeds, soil, sunlight, water, and some TLC are all you need. You can start creating your very own herb garden directly in the kitchen so you can have all your favourite herbs on hand when creating your meals.


9. Remember to recycle and why not try composting!

Last but not least, always remember to recycle wherever possible. Only choosing to buy products with recyclable packaging is one of the best ways you can be conscious of your eco-print. Want to take it one step further? Start a composting pile and turn your food waste into earthy goodness perfect for nurturing your garden! Stay tuned for our blog on Composting 101!


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